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With every service we offer, Upbeat Financial aims to provide you with understanding, flexibility, and options along your financial journey. Through education and guidance, Upbeat Financial works with you to align your current financial landscape with your financial roadmap, making space for speedbumps or off-trail adventures along the way.

Let us help you make a plan

Upbeat Financial helps you navigate your financial roadmap with these four steps:


Get real about your money.

This is the foundation step where we determine how your money flows in your life, set up or refine your monthly budget, and focus on your saving strategy. Upbeat Financial helps you take this first step on your financial adventure.


Make sound choices

Once you have a handle on your personal cashflow, Upbeat Financial works with you to analyze your current financial landscape and examine alternative directions available to you so that you can choose the best path forward.


Monitor your progress.

Upbeat Financial is an active partner in your process. We provide an unbiased outside perspective on financial decisions and their long-term impact on your financial life. We uphold your financial goals and vision, and we help you stay the course.


Adjust as you go.

A financial plan is never one and done. Goals change. New opportunities arise. Upbeat Financial works with you so that, no matter how life changes, your financial strategy provides options and flexibility so you can make the best decisions.

Financial Planning

Let’s get out the guidebook on your financial life and chart your path forward. Financial Planning with Upbeat Financial allows you to see the impact of your financial decisions now and looking far ahead into the future.

Our goal is to leave no question unanswered. Can you retire early? What if you start a family? Should you rent or buy? Will your current financial position support you in starting your own business? How much should you be saving each month to reach your goals? We welcome the opportunity and are eager for the challenge of providing clarity to your most pressing financial questions, concerns, hopes, fears, and dreams.

When Upbeat Financial builds your financial plan, we do the research, consolidate the data, and utilize eMoney® Advisor software so that you can see the real-life impact of your financial choices, options, and courses of action.

A Full-Picture Financial Plan with Upbeat Financial includes analysis and recommendations in the following areas:

  • Budget and Cash Flow Planning
  • Insurance and Risk Mitigation Planning
  • Investments and Retirement Planning
  • Tax Efficiencies and Estate Considerations

When needed, Upbeat Financial can also provide analysis and recommendations for:

  • Investment Portfolio Review and Comparison
  • Consultation on Employer-Provided Incentive Plans
  • Social Security and Medicare Planning
Let us help you make a plan

Phase 1: Gather

Includes up to three 60-90 minutes meetings to complete the following:

  • Determine your most important financial questions and challenges
  • Envision where you want your financial life to take you
  • Review your financial accounts, cash flow, and risk mitigation measures
  • Address any incomplete or missing data

Phase 2: Create

  • Access and onboard your personalized eMoney® Client Portal where you'll see your financial accounts and the impact of your financial decisions all in one place
  • Evaluate and analyze your current finances and current course of action
  • Identify the research required to determine the realistic future costs of your financial goals, purchases, and events
  • Analyze potential alternate courses of actions
  • Develop your financial plan based on your goals

Phase 3: Deliver

  • Present and deliver your Financial Plan
  • Make minor adjustments after seeing your Financial Plan for the first time
  • Discuss the path forward for implementation of plan recommendations
  • Review your Financial Plan annually to monitor its success and make minor course adjustments


Learn about our services

Full Speed ahead Financial Coaching

The Upbeat Financial Coaching and Coaching Plus programs are designed to awake and enliven your financial curiosity, power, and prowess. We believe everyone should have confidence and excitement in their financial life, and we exist to bring that vision to fruition. Our Coaching Programs take financial literacy to a whole new level. You’ll learn about the basics: budgeting, personal cash flow, debt reduction and savings strategies as well as foundational personal finance concepts such as:

  • Investments, Markets, and the Economy
  • Risk Mitigation and Insurance Basics
  • Taxation Savvy and Strategy
  • And more!

Sustainable Investing Strategies

Upbeat Financial believes the future of investing includes sustainable and socially responsible strategies. Our goal is to ensure your personal and business dollars are invested in alignment with your goals and the future you envision for our planet and the generations to come. If you’re looking to restructure your investment portfolio toward sustainable funds or create an employer-sponsored retirement plan that is grounded in sustainable investing, Upbeat Financial will be your partner in making the world a better place for all.

Our Sustainable Investing Strategies services include:

  • Analyze your current investment portfolio to determine current allocation, diversification, and risk level
  • Assess your current risk tolerance and sustainable investing goals
  • Recommend changes to your current portfolio to align it with your sustainable investment goals
  • Implement and monitor the transition of your current portfolio to sustainable investment instruments

Retirement Plans for Your Business

Whether you’re a small business owner looking to establish a retirement plan for yourself and your employees, or you’re a non-profit leader who wants to revamp your organization’s 403(b) plan, Upbeat Financial can help you navigate the world of employer-sponsored retirement plans, helping you retain a quality staff and utilizing all the benefits these accounts provide.

Our Retirement Plans for Your Business searvice includes:

  • Analyze and evaluate the current plan structure for your existing plans
  • Research and determine appropriate plan structure for new plans
  • Determine business goals for your plan and provide general education
  • Create a customized Investment Policy Statement
  • Research and recommend Recordkeeper and Fiduciary Services
  • Advise on initial Plan Design and provide ongoing plan-specific financial advice
  • Provide ongoing plan-specific training for participants
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